How to cope with social distancing // Dr Dilraj Kalsi

Current times are tough being separated from everyone and we are stuck between the health risks of coronavirus and the very real health risks of isolation. Here, we take a look at social distancing, the key principles and 25 ways you can cope and even thrive with social distancing.

What is social distancing?
Social distancing is a strategy to minimise the transmission or spread of the new coronavirus which causes COVID-19. Coronavirus spreads rapidly via airborne via droplets with contact, coughs, sneezes and symptoms develop in 2-14 days. Most importantly, the purpose is not spreading to others as much as avoiding infection yourself.

Every cloud has a silver lining. There are many challenges posed by social distancing but challenges are also opportunities. There are so many coping strategies you can develop in this time, with which you may even go on to thrive.

Here are 25 ways to cope with social distancing to get you started:

1. Shift your perspective

Remote working while social distancing
2. Use platforms such as Meet, Zoom and Slack for work communications and meetings
3. Optimise your workstation ergonomically (see back pain video)
4. Plan and schedule your work
5. Separate your work and relaxation spaces
6. Put yourself first and find life:work balance
7. Optimise your productivity

Cooking, eating and nutrition when social distancing
8. Cook fresh food from raw ingredients
9. Cook with people around you and share meal times with loved ones
10. Share recipe ideas with friends or take a course

Movement and exercise while social distancing
11. Get outside daily, somewhere quiet or your back garden
12. Do home workouts with a workout buddy
13. Try online group classes
14. Integrate movement throughout your day

Thinking and stress during social distancing
15. Use only reliable sources to get your coronavirus updates
16. Timebox when you get your coronavirus updates to 1 hour max
17. Find your favourite stress-coping tool and use it daily
18. Try group meditation, mindfulness or yoga online
19. Take a course on managing stress (
20. Learn something new or old

Sleeping during social distancing
21. Get as much natural light as possible in the day and minimise light exposure at night
22. Keep a regular bedtime and nightly routine

Relationships during social distancing
23. Support your community
24. Speak with friends and family on the phone rather than text
25. Socialise your activities

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